I’m Alex Hughes and I am the Founder of ‘Auxilium Admin’ ( Auxilium Administration Services Ltd ).

Have you ever had the Monday Blues worrying about your ‘to do’ list getting ever longer?

Have you always told yourself – I’ll get around to that next week!

Have you ever wondered how someone else always seems to be more organised than you and “why on earth can’t I get on top of this admin?”

There are always times when things are busy and you are multi-tasking. After all, as a business owner you are the ‘Boss’ and in charge of the Finance, HRM, Health & Safety, Training, Sales, Marketing, and YES, that all important ‘cog in the wheel’ – Administration!

Alex Hughes helps business owners organize, prioritise and release time for themselves to get on with what they are in business to do and that is not the “Admin”, by providing Bespoke Administration services from ‘Auxilium Admin’.

Having spent 16 years working in Trading and Sales in the busy Financial Markets in London and then a further 17 years as the Administration Manager for an SME in London, bringing up a family, caring for elderly parents and running a home, I have become a very accomplished multi tasker and very organised person, often anticipating what is needed for a business and it’s administration procedures, ensuring a proactive role at all times and providing feedback and effective solutions.

Over the years, Alex has been asked by many people to help and advise them with their Administration for their Business and after a lightbulb moment in 2016, Auxilium Admin ( Auxilium Administration Services Ltd ) was born.

My mission is to always ‘make a difference’ to your business no matter how small and also to be the ‘go to person’ helping you take back control and drive and elevate your business forwards. I offer busy people help and guidance with administration tasks, projects and audit services, providing professional advice and support, in a safe pair of hands.

I pride myself in providing an impartial, friendly, knowledgeable and professional service at all times and ultimately becoming your own ‘bespoke business support partner’.

Everyone experiences not having enough hours in the day ‘to do’ everything and when your workload increases, existing procedures and processes suffer. This doesn’t have to be the case if you take the time to review how your administrative tasks are currently structured and effected, by employing a business support partner like ‘Auxilium Admin’

I can carry out an Audit, helping you visualise your structure and ‘tweak’ current and ’implement’ new procedures and processes, to make your business administration work for you and with you.


What is a business support partner and how can I help you ?


  • A small business owner who works from home and is sometimes referred to as a Virtual Assistant.
  • A highly skilled independent professional who provides essential administrative technical and creative services to one or more business owners.
  • They usually work from home providing remote support, but are essential team members for many businesses and will come to your office as well.
  • They provide offsite support for clients and interact with their clients via email, telephone, live chat and carry out work online or cloud based platforms.
  • Usually paid by the hour or can be contracted by project or on a retainer basis.
  • They have varied backgrounds and unique skill sets and can all specialize in something whether it’s providing skills or services which include website social media management, copywriting, sales and marketing. HRM, Health and Safety, CRM, Finance, Project Management and much more.
  • They are the ideal solution for small businesses, providing a specialised array of business skills traditional or otherwise.
  • The most important thing you’ll gain is an essential and valuable team member that you don’t have to employ.
  • Hiring a Bespoke Business Support Partner, allows you to invest in your business, find solutions that suits the way you work and allows you to work on your business and enabling it to elevate & grow.



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